Fecofol 200 ml Syrup



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Let Your Pet be Free from Anaemia

Iron 50 mg + Folic Acid 175 mcg + Syrup Vitamin B12 2.50 mcg Flavor + Aqueous Base q.s

Polymaltoes Iron for Your Pets

Palatable iron supplement fortified with goodness of folic acid and vit. B 12

FA deficiency may seen in animals (especially cats) with proximal or diffuse small intestinal inflammatory diseases

FA necessary for nucleoprotien synthesis and normal erythropoiesis


• To prevent nutritional Iron deficiency in growing puppies, kittens

• Safe in pregnancy and lactation

• Helps to recover from anemia due to malnutrition and blood loss

• Helps in tickborne anemia

Dosage : 5 ml twice daily or directed by Veterinarian


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