Quality , Safety & Efficacy

Who We Are

Corise Health Care Pvt Ltd is a professionally managed, dynamic Health Care Company committed to offer the best Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Herbals & Cosmetic products for both Human & Companion Care Animal through high level of persistent Research & Development

Our Mission

The goal of Corise Healthcare is to enhance the capabilities in all places to address needs related to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases through the application of nuclear techniques.

We are committed to create a safer, kinder world for cats, dogs, other animal companions. We provide legislators, communities, shelters, and pet owners the tools and information they need to eliminate animal cruelty, end the tragedy of pet overpopulation, and provide safe, happy homes for companion animals.

To meet the unmet needs of Veterinarians

Its always our goal to introduce unique and effective products that address all the needs of all Pet owners , and strengthen the hands of our Veterinarians across the globe.

For the first time in Veterinary market

With our continued dedication and efforts, we hope to solve intricate problems that stands in the face of the Vet Industry . One such effort is introducing Cardiopet . A Renoprotective approach which utilises the tolerance & safety of ACE-Inhibitors , providing better control of hypertension and end organ protection.

Now for even wider dose titration

We are the first to introduce a 2.5 mg Dose for Pimobendan, a recommended drug to treat dilated cardiomyopathy. This value addition will allow the previously unavailable liberty to our veterinarians to adjust the dosage according to pet’s body weight and severity of the disease.

We have it all !

Be it any field , our products our present. We want to help as many doctors and companion animals as we can , therefore we have a huge product basket catering to individual and varied needs of all pets.

Feed (Liver) Supplements

First time syrup preparation for SAMe (S-Adenosyl methionine)

(Eye Care)

We take pride to be the first to introduce Opthalmology in Indian Veterinary market.

(Skin Care)

Unique Muprocine with flucasone combo to combat infections even beyond pyoderma.

Anti -Biotic (Anti-Infective)

First to introduce Doxycycline Suspension in the market

We are Everywhere !

No matter where you are , we are there for your pets. Having a Pan-India operation allows us to cover every single metro and semi-metro city   and then some more !

We owe this to you

Dear Doctors ,

At the outset we from Corise Healthcare Pvt Ltd express our heartiest thanks to all of you who helped us in this journey since the beginning. All these years could not have been easy without your cooperation & devotion . We are overwhelmed with support from Veterinarians from India and Abroad , without your unconditional support and guidance towards the Product Development , Scientific Inputs , CME’s we couldn’t have won over your confidence with our quality product basket and trust on our team .

      We look forward for your valuable guidance , support and blessings for the journey onwards. We assure you about our quality and promise to meet the unmet needs of the Veterinarians by adding the different Therapeutic basket for the healthy life of our companion animals .

Thank you ,

With warm wishes

Corise Healthcare Pvt Ltd