Diarest COOL 100ml Syrup



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A Combination Beyond Sucralfate

Sucralfate U.S.P. 1 gm + Oxetacaine B.P. 20 mg Suspension

Gastro Intestinal Cooling Solution

A Cytoprotective Anaesthetic

• Helps to treat gastro-esophageal reflux, gastritis, peptic ulcer, stress ulcers, GERD & dyspepsia

• Sucralfate which is a hydroxy aluminum salt of sucrose octasulfate that acts as a protective local mucosal adherent in an acidic environment

• Direst Cool has oxetacaine which act as topical anaesthetic when comes in the contact with affected mucous membrane and hence arrest nausea

• It helps in chemical Ingestion, liver disease, renal failure, carcinoma, stress, inflammatory bowel disease, mast cell tumors, hypoadrenocorticism long term antibiotic and anti fungal therapy

• Relieves stomach and aches

• Direst Cool helps in treatment of duodenal and colonic ulcers should be given on an empty stomach or four hours after meal
Side Effect : Side effect are rare such as constipation & hypophosphatemia may occur in small percentage of patients.
Dose: Should not exceed more than 60m1/day otherwise patient may experience dizziness fainting drowsiness


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