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In The Management of Ticks, Fleas and Mange Infestation

Amitraz 12.5% w/v 15 ml and 50 ml Solution


Kill the Tick with AMITICK

The biological activity of this acaricide is defined by its effectiveness

Recommended for control of both

• Sarcoptic & Demodectic Mange

• Low incidences of tickborne diseases

• Effectively controls ticks, fleas and lice infestation

Usage Instruction: Dilute AMITICK liquid as per dilution and apply all over the body through scrubbing, cleaning of affected area and bathing the animal prior to application is necessary.

Withdrawl Period: Repeat the treatment in intervals of 5 – 7 days. i.e 3 – 4 treatments till the overt clinical symptoms have subsided.

DOSE/APPLICATION: DOG Ticks & Fleas: 2 ml in one litter of water Mange: 3-4 ml in one litter of water
Do not wash after application.


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